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The rules of time and stuff

Human nature dictates that we acquire stuff. For some, it's books or real estate. But for people like us who make things, it’s tools, jars of nuts and bolts, rolls of wire, and stacks of wood.

Unfortunately, the need to acquire stuff is not counterbalanced by a need to get rid of stuff. Consequently, we end up with cabinets and garages and sheds full of stuff. Most of this accumulation is never used. Often this is because we can never find exactly what we need at the moment or we don't have time to go through all of that stuff looking for a 3/8" fine-thread nut when one can be had at the hardware store for a nickel.

We tend to procrastinate when it comes to doing something about all of the stuff, telling ourselves that one of these days we will go through it all and organize it. The problem is we never find the time. If we had the time, we never would have allowed this situation to develop in the first place.

The rule of time: You cannot find time, nor can you make time. The only way to get time is to take time.

The rule of stuff: Never bring an item into your shop without getting rid of an item.

Follow these rules and you will never find yourself overwhelmed by stuff and you will always have time to maintain the balance.


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