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The point?

In a reply to a recent post, I was asked if there was a point to what I said. And I have to answer, no, not really.

Sometimes there is a point but I always view these posts as a way to get some sort of dialogue going. I don't expect everyone to agree with what is said and, in fact, I always hope to hear from those who disagree, especially those who disagree strongly.

I do not consider myself to be some fountain of wisdom that everyone will seek out. I am, as A.J. mentioned a way back, a somewhat opinionated guy who has spent a long time thinking about things. I have an old friend who happens to be a well-known radio personality and he always ended his show with the comment, "I may not always be right but I'm never uncertain."

So feel free to disagree and even strongly disagree. As long as the issues are being talked about, we can know that we are at least paying attention.


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