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The last thing we need

I’m a bit concerned about how tariffs imposed on imports might affect woodworking businesses.

I’ll start off by saying, unequivocally, that I am a strong supporter of the “buy American” concept. But, as we know, many products that are “American branded” are actually made elsewhere. Most of the tools and machinery we buy are manufactured in China.

There are a few “Made in America” brands that are actually made in America but how much of the steel and iron that goes into these products and aluminum is imported?

Many of the sheet goods that predominate the furniture and cabinet making business are also imported. We are already struggling with increasing costs of these materials.

The last thing we need is a substantial increase in the cost of doing business,

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These days, a prospective employee is more likely to be asked about his knowledge of computers than about how well he can produce a smooth surface with a hand plane.

Can we get a ruling?

Webster’s defines industry as “economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.”

No such thing

I have a lot of pieces of wood that are too good to throw away but too small to really be useful. We sometimes call pieces like this scrap, but I have always maintained that there is no such thing as scrap.