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The internet and A.J.'s Holy Grail

Last week, A.J. was talking about not being able to find 2" diameter bamboo. Just for fun, I did a quick internet search for "2 inch diameter bamboo". That resulted in quite a few sources.

Most of them were importers offering bundles of several hundred eight foot long poles. But among them were several suppliers offering 12 to 20" sections for six to eight bucks apiece.

Internet technology has taken a lot of flack lately in light of the revelations about data mining, hacking and security issues. It is, more and more, a two-way street, one that can allow your private information to be exploited in any number of ways. It is getting close to being scary.

On the other hand, at its best, the internet is a boon, providing easy access to even the most obscure items, things that one might never even knew existed much less have access to. The fact that these items can be located and ordered in a few moments without even having to pick up a phone, arriving on a brown truck only a few days later can result in a massive savings in time. And it also makes it possible to avoid having to compromise your vision as A.J. was compelled to do.


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