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The evolution of ideas

Interesting contrast between the two replies to my post on the maple knives. One was a practical critique of the idea, and a good one at that.

A.J. is probably correct in his observation that these knives will be difficult if not impossible to keep clean. Chuck Riccardo, on the other hand, took the ball and ran with it, thinking now about making knife handles. A much more practical product.

He got me thinking, too. I used to make knives and sold all but one. I made the blades as well as the handles. But there are many sources of unhandled blades that could be fitted with fine wood handles. Not too much material involved either!

Too often we tend to protect our ideas for fear of someone "slurping" them. But an idea that is expressed can often stimulate other ideas that lead to unique pieces. Sometimes these things become an entire genre unto themselves. Pen making is a great example.

The thing that I appreciate here is how ideas are generated and how they evolve through the process of discussing and sharing them.


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