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The dilemma

Most of us have chosen woodworking as a profession for the same reason: we like working with wood.

But many have taken the approach of trying to turn a hobby into a business, not realizing that a major portion of their time will be spent on marketing, sales, purchasing and accounting.

The only way I’ve found to run a woodworking business and still be able to actually work with wood is to have a one-man shop.

That’s something to consider if you’re just getting started.

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The reality is …

Many times, I have heard people say how much they love woodworking. Some were thinking of starting a woodworking business so that they could make a living doing what they love.

The working interview

We are always on the lookout for talented, experienced employees. Yes, they are getting harder to find. And if we are looking for a strong work ethic, it gets even more difficult.