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That’s for me to know …

There have been numerous times throughout my woodworking career when people have asked me how I do this or that. Sometimes it’s just curiosity. Sometimes it’s some who wants to do it themselves and is in need of guidance. And, sometimes it’s a competitor who has underbid a job he doesn’t really know how to do.

In most instances, I have tried to be generous when it comes to sharing knowledge. It’s generally good for public relations and most of the questioners are not going to be cutting into your business. But when it comes to the latter scenario, I tend to get somewhat closed mouthed.

The fact is that it is really not possible for the average Joe to learn how to do something simply by getting a few questions answered any more than you could learn to play the violin by quizzing a virtuoso.

The competing woodworker might already possess the skills necessary to put the knowledge you share with him to work and cut you out of a job. In those situations, I start taking about the value of what is commonly called intellectual property. That needs to be protected.

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