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That little voice

We've all heard it at one time or another. The little voice that says, "Maybe you shouldn't do that.” It's usually heard just as we are about to do something really stupid.

Looking back, I realize that every time I have ignored that voice, it’s been regrettable.

Like once when I was trying to finish up a job under extreme time pressure and I just needed to finish cutting one more corbel. The bandsaw blade was dull and I knew I should stop and change it. But I only had a few inches to go to finish the cut and you know how hard it can be to pick up that curve again once you stop, so I pressed on, pushing harder to compensate for the blade's reluctance to cut through the hard maple.

The little voice screamed at me again, right before the blade broke through the wood. I backed off just enough to prevent the blade from slicing all the way through my index finger. As a result, the cut only went a third of the way through the bone.

So my little voice saved me from a more serious injury. I should have been listening earlier.


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