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Well, here we are, once again coming up on Thanksgiving Day. Every year, around this time, we are compelled to assess our situations, block out all of the fortunate things in our lives and express gratitude for them.

Most years, I find myself being grateful for the fact that no one in my family died or contracted any debilitating diseases or were involved in any accidents. And this year, is no exception. But I also find myself being grateful for the fact that I was able to even survive this year which has, without a doubt, been the leanest I have had in a very long time. Looking back, I find myself wondering how I managed to put together a "really not too bad" year using nothing but the "dribs and drabs" of work I have managed to cobble together.

Now, as the year draws to a close, I am starting to pick up jobs again. Nothing too big or impressive, just a few modest cabinet projects, a Craftsman-style fireplace mantle and so on. But the jobs seem to be coming with some regularity and they are bid solidly and no one seems to be choking on prices that actually allow me to make some money instead of just barely surviving. So I am very grateful for that.

I am hoping that this is an indication that things are starting to loosen up a bit and that '10 will be a better year. And, of course, as my old friend Mr. Martini (lived to 99 and credited that to "seven-year-old brandy and one-hundred proof whisky… no junk.") used to say, "Ima notta dead yet!"

Gotta be thankful for that...


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