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It's that time of year again. When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was all about Pilgrims and Indians. And food.

As I got a bit older (more mature?) Thanksgiving meant that we had to cook a whole lot of food in a very short time and do a lot of dishes while wishing that we had not eaten quite so much of it! Of course, it was also a great time with all the kids and family and friends around the table.

These days, Thanksgiving has a whole different meaning for me. It's a time to really count the blessings, of which there are many. I'm still here. And my family is still whole and intact. We all have roofs over our heads and clothing and heat and yes, food. And those things are not to be taken lightly. They are often taken for granted but they should not be. We are, in spite of all the things going on around the world that seem crazy and frightening, very fortunate to have these basic needs covered.

So this week no business talk; just a big thank you. To all who read what I write and especially to those who take time to comment and, yes, even to those who don't agree with me! And to the editors who allow me to blather about just about anything I want to and even, now and then, see to it that I get paid for it. And most of all to my family for putting up with me for all these years.


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