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Take me to your leader

The recent election has got me thinking about the need for strong leadership, It's obvious that the country is desperate for strong leaders who can pull the warring factions together.

We seem to be stuck in a rut, vacillating back and forth between the two main political parties, hoping that someone will do something while neither of them seem to be doing much of anything beyond bickering with each other over irrelevant social issues.

But there is a great void when it comes to strong leadership. And as we all know, nature cannot tolerate a vacuum. All voids will be filled. What that void might be filled with is a bit scary to contemplate, if one looks at history.

Those of us in business seem to have a better understanding of the need for leadership. Someone has to call the shots. If the calls are wrong too often, the business will fail. The ones who make good judgement calls will prevail and succeed.

Sometimes it's not easy to make that good call. But a call must be made. You cannot simply sit by and wait for things to happen or split hairs over minor concerns. That means being willing to take a risk and stick your neck out. I think this is the most important aspect of leadership. You might not get it exactly right every time but at least you are moving the ball.


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