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Sweating the small stuff

Many years ago, I spent some time studying sales techniques. Some of the stuff is pretty hardcore but there is a lot of good information to be had.

One of the things that stuck with me was Joe Gerrard’s “rule of 250”. This was based on the fact that the average person has contact with approximately 250 other people. And while they might not all hear about a good service experience, you can bet that every one of them will hear about a bad one.

I have never been good at the “end game”. By the time I get to the point where the final details need attention, I’m already deep into the next project.

So I’ve had to work at staying focused on the current project while attending to the final little details.

Sweating the small stuff is often the difference between a good and bad sales experience for the customer.

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Sweat the small stuff

Some people see the big picture, others see the little things. Those who can see both are rare.

Why did I sell it?

At one time I had some spectacular genuine Honduras rosewood that a friend had imported. I also had a small amount of highly figured blistered maple.

Tell the story

I have been asked about my work many times. Not any nuts and bolts stuff that I’m pretty comfortable talking about but things like how I feel about what I do or how I must love my work.

Who’s right?

It is often said that the customer is always right. Obviously, this is suggesting that the customer should always be accommodated in whatever he or she wants. And, to some extent this is a good policy. It can often lead to a very happy and satisfied customer. But not always.