Sweat the small stuff

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Some people see the big picture, others see the little things. Those who can see both are rare.

The big picture person may not understand that a customer who is more detail oriented might be troubled by a small issue in their project. It could be a blemish in the finish or a drawer glide that is not quite as smooth as the others.

We need to understand that a “don’t sweat the small stuff” attitude might not be the best approach in these situations. That little detail will loom large in the mind of a detail-oriented person, sometimes to the extent that it is all they can see even though we don’t even notice it.

Many shops employ a “detailer” whose function it is to visit the jobsite and correct these little annoyances. In smaller shops, it might fall to someone the owner to address the issues.

One way or another, it’s necessary to recognize that the details may be important to your customer even if they seem like a nuisance to you.

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