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Specking spectacles

OK, I sometimes have trouble seeing and use "reading glasses" that are really just magnifying glasses. They come in different strengths and the general rule is that the older you get, the thicker your lenses become.

They are also in constant danger of being dropped, stepped on, or lost, so it's imperative that there be a ready supply of them.

I recently needed some new ones and. being on a frugality bender these days, I got several pairs at the local dollar store. Bad idea. Within a few days, the arms had broken off every one of them. Still not wanting to spend a lot, I went to the drug store and got some "mid-priced, name brand" ones. But these fared no better.

By now, I have spent enough to buy a good pair but I'm still trying to cheap out. I had to go to the hardware store to get some driver bits and noticed a rack of sunglasses. On the back side were reading glasses prices at six bucks a pair. OK, I'm thinking, I've been here before. So I give them a real once over. They are excellent quality with metal spring-loaded hinges at a reasonable price. A rare thing these days.


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