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Sparse postings

I am going to be hard-pressed to keep up with this blog for the rest of the month. We got the word in early December that we had to move.

We found another house that was supposed to be ready by January 1. But, as fate would have it, it was not ready until February 1. So now instead of a nice relaxing two-month window in which to move, we have to do it all in one.

My "home shop" has already been broken down and my tools are sitting on the patio of the new house under a tarp waiting for the relocation of my "tent." Movers are coming on Friday to take all the furniture and my lathe over to the new house. So everything is pretty ripped up around here right now.

Once we actually get everything into the new house, things ought to settle down a bit. I'm hoping that my brain continues to function through all of this and that I will actually be able to think of something intelligent to say. But I'm not making any promises! So if my postings are a bit sparse this month, you know why.


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