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Something’s in the air


We keep hearing talk about the economic recovery and, indeed, there are visible signs of it everywhere.

New housing developments are going up for the first time in years. Public "improvement” projects are once again causing traffic snarls. Homes are selling and the stock market is breaking new records.

In spite of all these good signs, there seems to be a prevailing caution permeating everything. Maybe caution is not the right word. It's more of a feeling of uncertainty, as if people are not really trusting of the apparent recovery.

Whatever it is, it is making for a very strange business environment. People are out shopping. It's hard to find a parking space and the busses are crowded. But sales are not great. A lot of time is being spent answering questions and offering helpful information.

But "let me think about it" seems to be a much more common answer than "I'll take it.” Maybe it's the weather ...


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