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Current stats show a very low unemployment level across the country. This is a good thing. People have jobs. Our economy cannot be strong without people working.

However, this does not necessarily translate into more work for woodworkers and cabinetmakers. With costs soaring and materials becoming harder to get, our prices cannot be lowered enough to make them affordable to people earning minimum wage.

Another thing I notice is that having someone walk into the shop looking for work is becoming a rare event. In the past, there would be an almost constant stream of people asking for work. We didn’t need to run help wanted ads. Now, it’s harder to find good help because the people who used to be seeking work are busy washing dishes or stocking shelves.

I guess every silver lining has its cloud.

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I have tried to avoid discussing anything political here. This is supposed to be about running a shop. But completely separating business and politics is like separating the cart and the horse.

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