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Shut it down!

Not talking about the Beach Boys song. But I find myself thinking that the maturity level of our current leaders is far below the level implied in that song.

The lack of comprehension of what is needed to keep things running smoothly is, well, incomprehensible. These guys are like a bunch of junior high school kids, pushing and shoving each other to get to the Coke machine.

Once again, we are trembling in fear that they will drive the truck into the wall with another government shutdown. This seems to be the only political strategy they can find and has become the universal answer to everything.

Don't like the bill? Shut down the government. Can’t agree on this or that? Shut it down. Just the suggestion (or threat) of another round of this lunacy has sent the finally recovering economy into another tailspin.

I can't imagine anything worst for our economy and business environment than this talk of a shutdown. Except maybe if they prove themselves to be even stupider than they currently appear to be and actually do it.


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