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Scratch: The wonder material

Many years ago we used to read about the many things that could be made from scratch. This wondrous material has not only been readily available to qualified artisans but to the general public as well.

No one is quite sure when this material was discovered but it is apparent that it was fairly early in human evolution. During "flush" times, scratch seemed to fall from favor as many people elected to purchase much of what they needed from others and thereby have more time for leisurely pursuits. After all, making things from scratch is really no less work than making them from any other material.

But now, as has been the trend during every period of economic difficulty, scratch is, once again, becoming more and more in demand. And it's no wonder. Just about anything can be made from scratch. We, as woodworkers can make cabinets and furniture from it. Clothing can be made from scratch as can just about anything one might find on their plate at mealtime.

It seems to be abundant and inexhaustible, a true "sustainable" material. It's no surprise that it has never fallen completely out of favor. Its uses seem limited only by human imagination.


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