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It's a dreaded word in any shop. Having to remake part or all of a project is the worst-case scenario. Forget any hope of profit. You will be lucky to break even.

The are many reasons a piece has to be remade. In my experience, it’s usually bad measuring. A dissatisfied customer is probably next. If customers are unhappy with part or all of a piece, they are usually unwilling to pay for it. Even if you "have it in writing," a fight is inevitable and win or lose, the bad press may outweigh other considerations.

We once did a major project for a company headed up by a guy named Remick. This was in the early days of computers and spell check would always change his name to “Remake”. How prophetic. He was never satisfied with anything. Despite an iron-clad contract, the stress and P.R. was terrible. We were able to escape with our skin but little else!


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