Quit messing around!


If I had a crew that was as incapable of getting their job done as our current Congress seems to be, I would fire the lot.

We were just getting back on track as customers were starting to feel a little more comfortable and not worrying as much about purchases. Now we’re in another stall.

I cannot get the term "radical extremists" out of my head. It refers to those who let their personal agenda interfere with their ability to reason. They will go to any extreme for their cause, even to the extent of destroying themselves on the off chance that they might take something they dislike with them.

That is exactly how I see the current disfunction in our government. The ability to rationally compromise seems to have been completely lost. And it's hurting us.

We seem to have forgotten that our form of government is based, not on personal agendas, but on the common good. I can't speak for anyone else but I am finding this all very unnerving, depressing and a bit scary.


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