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Quiet on the set

When you use social media to promote you work, images are vital. No one’s going to be able to visualize your project by reading a long description. Consider using short video clips.

A few still photos can be quickly turned into a dynamic video clip using fades and transitions. Of course, many hours can be spent editing video and the learning curve will also demand some time. But here are some excellent products that can reduce the pain dramatically.

If you have a cell phone, you already have a way to capture video. Not feature film quality but more than good enough for posting on the web. For under $100, you can get a lightweight tripod and a quick release clamp that will allow you to mount your cell phone. Start the recording and get in front of the camera.

You will almost certainly need to do some basic editing. Most modern computer operating systems include a basic video editor. I use a free, open source program called OpenShot

Most social media sites put a cap on how long a clip you can post, typically no more than 30 seconds. So, you won’t have time to tell your life story. But 30 seconds is plenty of time to get your message across.

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Nothing to hide

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It takes work

Every time I see a video or read a tutorial about how to do something, I think again about what it takes to really master a process. There are two parts to learning. One is the acquisition of knowledge. The other is the acquisition of skill.

Stay in touch

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Free advertising

It seems like the cost of everything associated with doing business is rising. But the one the thing that is actually going down and going down dramatically is advertising.

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You’re the backup

My father in law ran a cattle ranch in Nevada. He always stressed the importance of being able to do any job on the ranch.

Back to basics

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