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Pulling rabbets out of the hat

Have you ever been in one of those situations where it seems like you are simply not going to be able to avoid crashing into the wall?

OK, maybe that's a stupid question. We all know that in this business we are never lacking for great jobs from which to choose our next "plum" project. The phone is always ringing and there is always plenty of money in the bank, right? OK, OK, stop laughing ... I'm not gonna do this if you can't be serious …

So anyway, it would be nice if that really was the "default". But more often than not, it seems like it's exactly the other way around. Right at the end of the job, rent due, payroll due, just enough money to buy the finishing materials and if we "float" a check, we can get the delivery truck, get the job delivered, get paid and get that check into the bank before all of those other checks clear. Whew!

A few weeks ago, my son and I were in exactly that spot. And with things being what they are economically right now, we were not 100 percent excited about out prospects. So, time to get on the phone. First couple of calls; not too encouraging. But then, out of the blue, I get it into my head to call this guy who was the contractor on very expensive "high end" project we completed a few years ago. I hadn't thought about him much because I knew that he was "semi retired" and building his own house and that he would most likely be doing his own woodwork. But, I never argue with those mysterious voices so I rang him up. Well guess what? He tells me that he is not even interested in building his own cabinets anymore because he totally has his hand full with running his job, and not only is this a perfect time for us to talk about casework, did I want to make the 22 interior doors and the entry as well? So, here we are with literally the only job in the entire area dropping right into our lap. If I had waited one more week to call him, he would have already ordered everything he needed and we would have completely missed the boat.

Sometimes ya just gotta wonder ...


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