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One more thought on retirement

We humans are a funny lot, especially when it comes to time.

When we are young our frame of reference is limited and time seems much more plentiful, sometimes even painfully so. When I was a kid, it seemed like forever till my birthday and Christmas rolled around. As the years clicked by, these days seemed to come ever sooner and now, we can hardly get the mess from the last one cleaned up before it's upon us again.

Retirement is like that too, I think, except that it only comes once. From the point of view we have in our youth, that day looks so far off that it is hard to take it seriously. We know from what we are told that we need to prepare for it but we don't really comprehend the full significance until it is upon us.

The funny thing about time is that when it's passing, it seems to, well, take it's time. But when "the day" arrives, we have the feeling that time just flew by. Then we start thinking of all of the missed opportunities and the things we should have done.

If there is a moral or a message in this, it would be that we need to take the time to do the things that we feel are important while we actually still have the time. I have learned that one cannot "make time" or "find time." The only way to get time is to take time. For me, there is no way I'm going to have time to do everything I want to do or would like to do. I would have to live at least a thousand years for that. And by then, I'd probably have a whole new list.


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