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One more thought on health care

I am a strong advocate of a national health care system. I believe that the biggest problem we have with our current health care system is the fact that the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical companies own it.

The second biggest problem is that every time the idea of a national health care system comes up, cries of socialism drown out any rational voice.

The fact is our health is our biggest asset. And it is not in very good condition! In my opinion, the reason for that is that we really don't have a health care system. We have a treatment system. There is no focus on keeping people out of the hospitals and doctor’s offices in the first place. There is little profit to be had from healthy people.

A good health care system will be possible only if we take the for profit component out of the equation. There would be nothing to interfere with someone opting out of this system should they wish to buy into a premium private system. And as a private enterprise, that system would be just as free to profit as they are now.

When I was a kid, if I got hurt or sick, my parents would drive me down to Dr Lemanski's office. She would stitch up the cut or reset the broken bone or give us a prescription for penicillin or whatever else was needed. My dad would pay her and that was it. End of story. It was up to us to maintain our health. We ate good food and tried keep from being hit by cars.

You could say that was a simpler time and talk about how much more effective medical treatment has become. And you would have a point. But, however much of our current medical technology might be enhancing our lives, the system of administering that treatment is badly broken.

I have no specific dislike of lawyers or insurance salesmen. But they should be banned for life from our health care system. 'Nuff said.


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