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One miracle, please

We hear a lot these days about terror and terrorists. But sometimes it seems like we are being terrorized by our own government.

With all the threats of shutdowns and debt defaults, those of us in business have to stand by and pray that these guys can get it together, even if just enough to prevent the rug from being yanked out from under the whole thing.

We are experiencing a mild and tenuous economic recovery. It has been seven years since the big meltdown and we are just now seeing a moderate level of confidence in the stability of the economy. Even so, the slightest suggestion of downturn, a bad day for the stock market, a lower than expected earnings report, anything that even hints of a less than stellar "growth rate", sends people running for cover.

Fortunately, it seems that the current budget crisis has been resolved for at least the next couple of years. Some have suggested that this is nothing short of miraculous. And given the attitude of many currently in positions of power, the term miraculous does not seem at all overwrought. Hopefully, this will trickle down and we can see some confidence returning as people get over the near miss shock and begin to feel comfortable again.

That would indeed be a miracle.


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