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No time like the present

Having made the decision to remain in working mode and not retire, I am finding that as time goes on, there is less and less time available.

Days seem shorter, weeks don’t seem to have as many days, and years fly by at an alarming rate.

When I was younger, I always assumed that there would be time to eventually do everything I wanted to do. Putting an idea on the back burner did not bother me much because I knew that I would get around to it at some point. But now, I get almost frantic because it does not seem possible that I will have enough time to fit everything in.

Retirement looks even less like a good idea because there is obviously a deficit between the time I might have remaining and the things I want to do.

I used too get really excited whenever I got a new idea. Now, I’m almost to the point where I smack myself in the head and say, “No! Will you stop that? I’m already booked up as it is!” But the ideas keep coming anyway and I have to face the fact that I am probably never going to get it all done.

So my advice for you younger guys is to forget the back burner. Do it now.


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