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No fees?

Here's something we recently discovered: In California, veterans are exempt from any and all fees associated with "doing business".

Actually, my wife discovered this as she is much more conversational than I and in the course of a conversation with a client who works for the state, she was told about this. We looked into it and found it to be true.

(Editor’s note: Veteran’s benefits vary by state.CLICK HEREfor more information.)

Apparently this law was passed sometime in the early 1900's and was recently (2008, I believe) upheld. The law exempts any veteran from any fees "whatsoever". That means that your business license fee? No charge. Inspection fees? No charge.

The thing is, the law also puts it on the fee-charging agency to inquire and inform veterans of this exemption. We cannot recall ever having been asked about or informed of this. Ever. But when we brought it up recently we were met with, "Oh, yes, we told you about it." NOT!!! So we have been paying these fees for years, sometimes staggering under the ever increasing burden when it turns out, we were never required to pay them at all.

I will post more specific information on this soon. But if you are a veteran, the next time you are required to pay a fee, for your business license for example, mention it. We are looking into the possibility of having the past fees refunded but that might be a long shot.


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