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Neat and clean?

Recently I came across this:

"Today while I was doing a little work in the shop I achieved a great milestone in my woodworking. I got a tool out, used it to do the job and then put it back were it belonged. Not on the bench, not on the TS, but back in the drawer where I keep it. WOW ... what a day. Then, to top that off, when I glued things up I didn't wipe the glue off my fingers on my jeans or shirt, I used a rag … I guess maybe there is hope for me yet."

My reply:

Dear "Neat and Clean"

See, that just goes to show you how different we all are. For me it was just the opposite. When I started out, I always put my tools away. I always used a rag. But as the years went on, I began to realize the folly of putting a tool back in "its place" only to have to go and get it out again later. I discovered that while my rag might be anywhere in the shop depending on where I was working the last time I used it, my pants were always right there with me when I needed them.


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