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My condolences

I never went fishing with Woodshop News senior writer Brian Caldwell or had a beer with him or even met him in person for that matter. But having been involved with the magazine for many years, I have had so many conversations and email exchanges with Brian that I felt like I knew him.

It's always shocking when a friend or family member dies suddenly or unexpectedly. My sense of loss can only be a whisper when compared to that of Brian's family, close friends and loved ones. There is little that can be said that will be of comfort. One is always tempted to offer the usual platitudes, knowing that they will never be able to fill the void. I can only say that I am so sorry to hear of Brian's sudden passing and hope that his sprit will find a comfortable home and that his family can take at least a small comfort in knowing that he was allowed to go in peace without a long period of pain and suffering.

Rest in peace Brian. We will miss you.


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