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My annual Veteran's Day rant

I spent most of day driving with the radio on, listening to NPR. There was a talk show on with a woman from some veteran's support group as a guest. They were inviting homeless vets to call in and describe how they got there.

I guess everyone likes a good anecdote about some guy's slide down into the pit. Do they suppose that homeless vets all have portable radios in their shopping carts or extension cords dragged into their cardboard boxes? And cell phones in their pockets? I guess you could figure that they have nothing better to do or maybe it's not too difficult to hold the cell phone in one hand while they muck through the dumpster with the other? And they get to listen to that great soothing classical muzak while they wait on hold.

I can only wonder WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? Maybe they think the homeless vets will feel proud that they have made it possible for the bankers and government workers to get a paid three-day weekend and that will compensate for their shattered nerves and lives. Maybe they think that when the homeless vets see all those flags lining the street while they wait in line for a cup of soup, they will feel the same sense of glory that they felt when they first took up arms for their country and that will be enough to offset the fact that they have no home, no job, no food, no family, no pride, no dignity, no self respect.

I'm only guessing here because I cannot really imagine what they were thinking.


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