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Moving my shop?

The last few weeks, my wife and I have been talking about maybe trying to find a house that has a nice big garage that I could move my shop into. When I first started out, my shop was in the garage and I always enjoyed being able to pop into the house for a sandwich or a cup of coffee.

Of course, my shop is now so full of large equipment that I would be hard pressed to cram it into even the largest garage and still have some room to work. So, even if this were to happen, it would require some serious downsizing.

There is, of course, the ongoing need to make some money and I have never considered retirement an option. But, at the same time, I'm pretty committed to the idea of not doing any (or many) more big custom jobs.

I started out wanting to make one-off artisan pieces and even though I have been able to make quite a few over the years, I have done far more large custom cabinet and architectural projects. For years now, I have been accumulating a file of design ideas and sketches and I'm starting to think that I might need to get started on some of them. There is no guarantee that my pieces would sell so it would be a pretty big crapshoot, especially with the economy floundering the way it is.

I also have to consider the fact that the town in which I live is not too friendly to the idea of backyard woodworking operations and many vendors will not deal with these shops anyway. On the other hand, I never relied too much on wholesale deliveries when I had my home-based shop before and I don't recall suffering too much. Maybe it's time for us to pack up and move back to Nevada. Lots of open space there. Not much wood though.


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