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Let the sunshine in

My previous post points to what is, in my opinion, the most important thing in any work place: energy.

OK, we may be getting a bit "new age" here, but everything in this world comes down to energy in one way or another. Energy is like water. When it flows, it's fresh and clean and clear. If it sits still, it stagnates and becomes murky and polluted.

When a person's energy goes dark, it's almost like having a light switch flipped off and negative energy is produced. And since we are all energetic beings, anyone in proximity to the negative energy is affected. If this is allowed to continue, pretty soon everyone is in a bad mood. I don't need to expound on how this will affect workflow!

We have many ways to encourage positive energy, such as keeping the work place well lit, with natural sunlight if possible, and opening doors to allow fresh air circulation. Playing music is good, but the music needs to be chosen carefully. And you have to keep the source of that music under lock and key. If you don't, before you know it, your shop will be filled with the sounds of Kiss or Johnny Rotten cranked up to about six thousand decibels.


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