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Laser-guided hand saw?

The trend toward automatic end stops, computer-controlled machinery, laser-guided tools and the like has been with us for many years. And it's not likely to go away unless we experience a return to the Middle Ages, a possibility that some do not see as being completely far fetched.

But recently I came across one of the – well, I just have to say - stupidest ideas yet. A laser-guided hand saw? Yes, it's true. There is now not only hand saw on the market with a built in laser guide, there is a "retro-fit" clamp-on version for older saws. Now, at first this might not seem as stupid as I think it is. But after you have seen the video (you can find some on YouTube) I'm sure you will agree with me. The problem (the stupid part) is that since the laser beam is projected from the handle (or in the case of the clamp-on: the top edge of the blade), the laser line is no more steady than the hand of the person using the saw. If the hand strays, the line strays.

So there you are, chasing this light beam all over the place with your hand saw blade, instead of trying to cut to a line that stays in one place. Am I missing something here? BTW, there is now also a pair of "laser-guided" scissors as well as a laser-guided roller style fabric cutter available. I am definitely missing something here ...


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