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It’s not a hobby

I was talking recently to a guy who loves woodworking. He has a small shop set up in the garage and spends every spare moment in it.

He is constantly acquiring new tools and pieces of highly figured or exotic woods. He has a decent job and earns a good living that affords him the time and resources to maintain this somewhat costly pastime.

He wants to go pro. I told him, “You won't make a good, comfortable living at it unless you change your perspective and treat your business like a business.

“You go into business to make a profit. Making money and being profitable have to become your primary goals, not making beautiful objects out of wood. Without this perspective, you have little chance of being successful in business.”

I could see the disappointment in his face. I guess he expected me to be a cheerleader for the idea of turning his passion for woodworking into a business. I felt a bit like a wet blanket but that is the reality. It’s also the reason so many woodworking businesses don’t last very long.


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