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It's going to get worse before it gets better

Well, that's what “they” are telling us anyway. So the obvious question (zero points for guessing this one) is "how much worse can it get?"

OK, I know this is a dangerous question. The "evil eye" might just glare down upon us and say, "You wanna know how bad it can get, hey?" But it is a valid question. I am seeing shops, contractors, vendors and suppliers dry up like leaves in the sun and simply drift away. The last time I saw anything like this was in the mid 90's and that did not seem nearly as drastic or large in scope as this current ... well, whatever you call it. Recession? Depression? Meltdown? Correction? Train Wreck?

We survived that one because right at the point where it looked the worst, there was a major fire not too far from my shop that took out over three thousand homes! We survived for the next five years on rebuilds of those homes. It wasn't easy because all of the clients were in total victim mode because they had lost everything in the fire and felt "entitled." Plus there were guys flocking in from everywhere looking for work. Tons of guys from Colorado, Texas, Oregon, you name it and all willing to cut your throat on price just to get some work. But we managed to survive and then things did get better again and we experienced a kind of "last man standing" phenomenon. But if it had not been for that fire, I'm not sure we would have made it. I would never wish something like that on anyone, but it saved our bacon. Don't know what's going to do it this time.

OK, next week back to talking about ecology!


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