It’s a simple question


If you ask 10 people - What is the single most important component of a successful business? – you’ll get 10 different answers. But which one is right?

Some say customer service or innovation. Others say product quality, perseverance, proper management or effective marketing.

I’ve long subscribed to the build-a-better-mousetrap theory, but it seems a great idea is only part of the equation today. And one person can’t carry the load; it takes a team of many talents.

I’m searching for an answer and welcome your thoughts.


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It’s easy

Johnny Shines played the blues. He was good and he knew it. At one performance, he began a song with a causally played rif of great complexity, then paused, smiled at the audience and said “It’s easy, if ya know how.”

It’s not a hobby

I was talking recently to a guy who loves woodworking. He has a small shop set up in the garage and spends every spare moment in it.

It takes work

Every time I see a video or read a tutorial about how to do something, I think again about what it takes to really master a process. There are two parts to learning. One is the acquisition of knowledge. The other is the acquisition of skill.