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It can’t be done

In our business we are often asked to do things a bit differently than we’re used to. People want to individualize their projects. They don’t want to pay premium prices for something that looks just like what they could have bought at the local furniture store.

This can put us in the position of having to be very creative, Sometimes, to the extent that we need to accomplish something that we have come to understand “cannot be done”.

When we are starting out, we don’t have a full awareness of all the things that cannot be done. We learn these things as we go. But there are many times when we can accomplish things simply because we don’t know they can’t be done. We are not encumbered by knowledge of the limitations. The mind is free to conjure up a way to do it.

But once we become aware of the fact that it can’t be done, we don’t even think about how it might be done. We simply accept that it can’t and move on.

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