Is it really better?


We are hearing a lot about how well the economy is doing these days. Unemployment figures are looking good. And that’s supposed to be one of the indicators of a healthy economy. But at the same time there is an undeniably widening discrepancy in the ratio of people making billions and people barely scraping by.

Most of the new jobs are low paying service jobs offering little security as companies try to keep their overhead at a manageable level.

I recently heard about the creation of “thousands of new jobs, great new jobs” being created by lifting the environmental restrictions on coal mining. Coal mining? So, being a coal miner, traditionally the poster boy for low paying, health destroying occupations is now being hailed as a great job? I don’t think so.

What is really happening is that many people are finding themselves in a position of just being able to make ends meet. They have little left for things like new coffee tables and bookcases.

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