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Imagine the possibilities

In the normal course of our day work, we often encounter what are known as design opportunities.

Those with a negative viewpoint will often refer to these as screw ups. But us optimists never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Some of my best ideas have come from needing a way to integrate a misstep into my design. It might come from a groove in the wrong place or a flaw in the material.

When these opportunities arise early in the project, we tend to simply start over. There is no big investment at that point and we are losing little beyond a bit of material that can probably be used later anyway.

But when they come up late in the game, it’s time to get the creative juices flowing.

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It can’t be done

In our business we are often asked to do things a bit differently than we’re used to. People want to individualize their projects. They don’t want to pay premium prices for something that looks just like what they could have bought at the local furniture store.

Over and over

In our business, we are often called upon to work outside of our comfort zone. Sometimes it’s in the form of needing to create a unique design that does not fit within the parameters of our typical production format. These projects may require us to master a new technique or a tool we have never used before.

Great expections

We all have protocols. Whether it’s a construction method or payment schedule, for example, these protocols are communicated to our customers in the hope that we will have a smooth, trouble free relationship through the course of a project.

When to say no

A good salesperson will go to great lengths to avoid giving a customer an opportunity to say no. But what about the times when we want to say no?


There is a lot of concern these days regarding the amount of waste we are producing.

Can’t stand the heat

Regardless of what you think is the cause, there is some crazy weather these days.