How we fixed it


In a previous post about the giant double-wall end cabinet that was made too big, the question arose as to how we fixed it.

I had mentioned that the job site was a hundred miles from the shop and that it was impractical to load the thing back on the truck anyway. It was also impossible to get the piece on its side to where we could work on the ends so the work had to be done with the unit standing upright.

The fix was a collaboration with a most cooperative drywall guy. It was also one of those things that is so obvious once you think of it.

We cut a groove in the drywall on one end and removed a floor-to-ceiling strip on the other. One end of the cabinet face tucked into the groove and the drywall was replaced on the other, cut tight to the cabinet face once the cabinet was pushed back into position.

All we really needed was a sharp utility knife and a hundred dollar bill for the drywall guy!


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