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Holiday deadlines

It's around this time of year that I get a little nervous about signing big projects.

I like big projects and welcome them, but there is an ever present danger of the project running into the holidays and that can create big problems.

Many clients don't really understand when they undertake a large remodel or kitchen renovation that their living space is going to be pretty much of a mess for quite a while. One day they wake up and realize that Thanksgiving is just around the corner or that the project could run dangerously close to Christmas when the entire family will descend on them expecting accommodations, food and a generally jovial environment.

Here they are with no functioning kitchen or bathroom (or both), construction people running in and out, delays in deliveries of vital components, all of the things that one might take in stride as part of the "drill" but that suddenly become disasters of biblical proportions because of the timing. This can create enormous pressure on everyone and the resulting panic can have a very detrimental effect on the outcome.

Sometimes, clients create an artificial deadline by scheduling a party and then informing everyone that the work simply must be done before the party. But the holiday season is a "real and present danger" and needs to be factored in to the equation before the project begins.


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