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Here’s the story

A comment on my post about New Year's resolutions has prompted me to relate this somewhat embarrassing story.

We were working on a big project and it was behind schedule. Everything was at least two weeks late and everyone involved was stressed out and in a blind panic.

We had just finished a particularly large piece of casework that had to be installed before 15 other things could be completed. The contractor was frantic and we were trying, with only moderate success, to hold him at bay while we finished the piece. We finally got it done and loaded up, and we headed out to the job site. But first, I had to stop for gas.

When we got to the job site, we found a dozen people standing in the driveway ready to help us get the monster cabinet out of the back of the truck, up the driveway, into the house and up the curved staircase where it was to be installed. That's a story in itself but for now, let's just say it got done and no one was killed.

It was only after the task had been completed and we were walking out of the house that we noticed a gas pump hose hanging off the side of the truck. I was amazed that no one had mentioned it and, at the same time, I realized why all those people on the freeway had been honking and pointing at us!


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I have been asked about my work many times. Not any nuts and bolts stuff that I’m pretty comfortable talking about but things like how I feel about what I do or how I must love my work.