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Health care mandate

The health care mandate, recently upheld by the Supreme Court, will begin in 2014 when every person in this country will be required by law to purchase health insurance.

I have not made any secret of my personal opposition to this mandate. But it is law now and, like table saw "flesh sensing technology", it's coming, like it or not. Of course, there is the possibility that this could be repealed but there is just as strong a possibility that it will not. So we need to presume that it will become the status quo.

For those of us who run our own businesses, this will certainly become an added cost that we will need to absorb somehow. And not just for ourselves but for our employees as well. There is absolutely going to be a demand from our employees that we cover the cost of their insurance or at least bump wages to cover it. In the long run, this will become another incentive for any business with the resources to do so to move their operation to a location with more favorable regulations. And that is the last thing the American economy needs right now.


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