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Getting better

The economic situation seems to be on the upswing these days. Driving around, I see more construction projects, several large commercial buildings going up, some new houses and a number of remodels. This is very good to see.

For several years now I have not seen any sign of construction. OK, the new Oakland Bay bridge. But that was it. Now, while it's not like in the pre-recession years when there seemed to be projects on every block, stuff is happening. I'm starting to remember how I used to be stopping all the time at construction sites to throw my hat in, looking for new shop projects. It had gotten to the point where I didn't even bother to take my portfolio with me anymore.

The stock market is also hitting all-time highs. It still seems to be something of a roller coaster but it keeps trending upward overall. That's good for us because the people who have the resources to invest in woodwork also tend to be the people who have stock portfolios.

I worry a bit that the stratospheric levels the market is hitting is creating yet another bubble that will cause another big setback when (not if) it bursts. Still we have to remember the only memorable statement Hubert Humphrey ever made: "You gotta bet on your hopes, not on your fears."


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