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We often think of "enrichment" as meaning that we get more money. But, as makers, enrichment can have an entirely different meaning.

Many have entered what are essentially creative fields like woodworking as much more than way to make a living. Some are driven by a need to create or to make things to satisfy an internal need. But, whatever your own driving force is, this work can enrich your own world as much as it can enrich others.

My wife and I were recently looking at a picture my son's wife took of our grandson. Of course the boy was the focus, but then my wife pointed out how beautiful their house was. I had not thought about this because they live in a very modest house, not at all the sort that would be considered impressive by today's standards. But the backdrop for the image was one of beautiful paintings, furniture and quilts. All things that he made over the years that combine to create an environment of artistic expression that could never be bought.

Maybe he would have been better off financially if he had sold all of these things to others but having some of them around has it's advantages too.


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