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Do you sweat the small stuff?

I have never been a detail person. I am able to see the big picture with ease. But many of my customers want to come in close, squinting, to find the smallest flaw.

I guess it's to be expected because they are the ones who are paying for the job.

Over the years, I have slowly modified my approach to detail work. First I had to learn patience. That was the hardest part since I tend to lose interest in a project once I have gotten past the excitement of the planning and designing and have arrived at the point where you just have to make it. By then, I am already thinking about the next project and the newest idea is breathing down my neck.

That is a dangerous point because it draws focus away from the job at hand at precisely the point where it needs the most attention. The small details can make or break a project, especially in the eyes of the client, so it is necessary to stay focused and make sure that all of the small stuff has been addressed.

Some shops have a detailer, a guy who has nothing but patience and can deal with traveling 20 miles to a job site to touch up the tinniest flaw. But for most small shops, that is a luxury that cannot be afforded and the job falls to whoever is available at the moment.

How do you handle the details?


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