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Crown molding

Am I the only one who is completely tired of crown molding? OK, there's no doubt that crown is an easy way to dress up an otherwise uninteresting cabinet. It's fairly easy to apply and available in most species of wood as well as pre-painted. But it seems like crown has become ubiquitous these days.

Instead of being an accent used for special applications or to give a certain room an elegant touch, crown is applied everywhere and to everything.

I have been using a lot of different cap moldings on my cabinets. Simple coves or built up details using several layers of molding can provide an accent without looking like the "garden variety" cliché that crown has become.

I don't see any end to this "trend." Crown has become almost required. Even the cheap cabinets sold by most Big Box stores are capped off with matching crown. Maybe it's just me but I feel like I'm going to scream every time a customer tells me they must have crown. Maybe it's time to start a "movement."


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