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Copycats beware

We've had quite a few comments on the subject of copying. There are a lot of terms for this, forgery, plagiarism, etc.

The thing that strikes me is that, with the almost instant access to just about everything via the internet, it's almost impossible to take the work of another, be it a painting, a piece of woodwork or something written or spoken by another and claim it as your own.

It seems that just about everything ends up on one website or another and anyone who has a cell phone, which seems to be just about everyone, can get instant access to it. There have been a number of instances recently where people "in high position" have plagiarized someone else. It usually goes viral on Facebook or Twitter within hours.

Post a picture of a piece you made that is an obvious copy of another maker’s work and it's almost guaranteed you will hear about it. This alone should discourage many from attempting it. It can't make you feel good to hear hails of derisive laughter coming from all over the place. And it can't be good for your business reputation!


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