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A.J.'s post got me laughing. Yes, it's a cold winter. But some people have cold winters every year.

My father-in-law lives in Nevada and once when we were complaining about it getting down to 36 he asked, with a tone of incredulity, "Above?" But hey, that's in Nevada.

Here in the Central Valley of California, below freezing temperatures are not exactly the norm. It can get cold here. I remember many a winter when it was cold enough to freeze the glue. But when I had my shop in Nevada, the glue would freeze solid. I had a wood stove in that shop and I would light a fire, put the glue bottle under the stove and repair to the local bar which served, in the morning, as the coffee shop until such time as I felt the glue had had sufficient time to melt.

This seems like the coldest winter we have had yet here. I would have to check the stats but I'm betting if there have been any this cold, they were not in the recent past. And I'm not getting any younger and the cold seems to be harder to deal with. But every time my wife comments on how cold it is, I feel compelled to reminder her that there is no snow to be shoveled before we can back the car out of the driveway and even the ice on the windshield can be removes with a cardboard scraper.


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